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About Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes unblocked

We introduce you a famous idle game called Clicker Heroes unblocked by Playsaurus. Unfortunately, as it came to us from 2014, it has in-app purchases, however, if you consider yourself to be the best in this game, you will not have to spend even a penny.

Clicker Heroes was the pioneer in clicker games’ category. After its release, many other companies started releasing such games. Enough history, now let’s talk about the gameplay. Well, you could not have imagined easier controls than this game has. Even a 3 years old kid can handle it. The only mouse is your companion. That’s right, all you have to do is to sometimes move it from side to side and click on different objects and animals using the Left Mouse Button.

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At first, it might seem that game has a simple plot but do not rush to conclusions. The game has a lot of different characters with wide variety of skills. There are 40 heroes in this game. Each of them has different DPS (damage per second). You hire them with the gold that you earn from winning the battles against your enemies ( Note that after killing a monster you must move the mouse cursor to the gold that came out of it, otherwise you will not get it). At this moment there are only 40 heroes available. The cheapest character is Cid who costs 5 gold and the most expensive one is Wepwawet who costs 1.000e235. You have the possibility to level up your heroes by clicking “LVL UP” button, which is located near the name of the character.

Clicker Heroes includes 10 levels for each hero. Another important thing is that after leveling up you will be able to upgrade the skills of character and increase his DPS. There are also so-called Boss Fights which can be hard to pass sometimes because the boss has a big amount of health and you have a time limit. Be quick, if you want to break through a lot of levels as it needs an amount of time. In case you have to leave the game but do not want to lose all the progress, press the save button on the left, register and your data will be saved on the servers of the game, so you will be able to access it from any part of the world.
In conclusion, our site offers the game “Clicker Heroes unblocked” free of charge, so you and your friends can play as much as you want absolutely for free. Also, share your

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