Clicker Heroes 2

ClickerHeroes 2 Game clickerheroes 2

Have a visit on ClickerHeroes 2 unblocked, all game lovers! Do you love relishing a new and cool adventure in this game? Here is an ideal chance so that you enable to express your best skill in confronting various kinds of critters. Feel excited and curious about this game? Don’t waste time anymore! Let’s go now!
Discover interesting things in Clicker Heroes 2 together with us!
At this time, players will take control of a brave hero, and their task is to protect all of the beautiful forests. What happened and why do they have to do? It’s because there is a swarm of aggressive and cruel critters coming and ruining all the plants in the forests. If the players don’t perform in time, everything will become bad.

Plot of the clickerheroes 2

Now, let’s look at the main screen and learn how to guide the hero. The critters will concentrate on the right side of the screen; meanwhile, all the heroes are on the left side of a large board. Be quick to start the main task, guys! The players just use the mouse and click on each critter to decrease their HP. Click continuously in order to knock them out soon and then face up to the others.

Whenever defeating each of them, the players will receive 1 valuable coin. The worth of this coin will depend on the critters in each stage. For instance, if playing stage 1, the coin is worth $1. If coming to the stage 2, the coin is $2. Got it? In addition, after wiping out the 10 critters in each stage, the players will receive more coins to enhance their own budget.

Thanks to these earned coins, they are able to hire other advanced heroes such as Cid (Helpful Adventurer), Tree Beast, Ivan (the Drunken Bawler), Brittany (Beach Princess), and so on. Of course, these heroes have different functions and prices. Hence, try to hire as many as possible. Additionally, don’t forget to add some necessary Upgrades so that they might develop their best ability in attacking the critters. Especially, this game also supports 9 available skills whenever upgrading the heroes. So, don’t miss obtaining these wonderful skills in order to come to the final victory soon.


Last but not least, the players should complete all of the small requests in the Achievements. By this way, they could obtain many useful things for opposing against the critters. What could be more fantastic when taking up Clicker Heroes 2 unblocked and demonstrating your best faculty! Time to act, all guys!

The mouse is the only key to complete the task of the game.

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