Pacxon – Review

The game Pacxon has conquered the hearts of many players who are building a large community of Pacman! The game Pacxon has only one main objective: you have to fill empty space and capture the scary ghosts by building a wall. As soon as you fill more than ѕ of the space, you will be allowed to move to the next level full of scary creatures. The game gives you several lives but beware that every touch of the ghost means that you lose one of them! At the beginning, you will be given 4 lives. The system of power-ups makes the game Pacxon more interesting. The yellow symbol means that you can eat any ghost that appears on your way. The cherry symbol allows you to move faster and a banana means that ghosts move slower so it is easy to catch them all. The better symbol than a banana is a pink ice cream which freezes the ghosts at one place. If you are a beginner player, the game might seem hard a bit, but do not worry as you will adapt to it very soon. In level 1, you are a yellow smile, a real Pacman who wants to build a real jail for colorful ghosts. In Pacxon you have to use arrow keys and draw a square in order to freeze the areas. In such areas, there will be a large wall that forbids the ghosts to move further. So, go ahead and burn all of the ghosts in jail!